Online & Offline Marketing Consultants


As a global marketing consultants, it is our mission to transform our client’s vision into a reality.

We will work with our clients to create winning marketing strategies that helps them achieve their company goals.

We will work with you to get results.


At OCTANA we always make sure our results are ever-lasting. This means we see marketing as a whole mix of integrated channels and not just social media or websites on their own.

Our team will tend to look at the bigger picture, such as how do we use social media, websites, online advertising, content marketing and so on to increase client’s sales or market share.

As a marketing consultancy, we consider ourselves to be experts in creating and optimising successful marketing strategies that drive sales and improve ROI.


Why Audit Digital Marketing?

  • Website Traffic is unstable or decreasing
  • Not achieving your sales target or want to scale up
  • Low social engagement or simply want to increase this KPI
  • Paid marketing budget is higher than your sales or want to increase sales with less budget
  • Improve CTR in Email Marketing etc.


Marketing Metrics are measurable values used to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns or actions across all marketing channels.

Having measurable marketing metrics and KPIs set up can help your business reach targets month-over-month.


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